Community Service Opportunity: Hike for the Homeless

Join us on March 3rd for the 20th annual Hike for the Homeless, in support of St. Joseph the Worker. We will be hiking in the beautiful McDowell Mountain Regional Park in Fountain Hills. There are 2 options, a 1.5 mile or 4.5 mile option, followed by breakfast burritos. The mission of St. Joseph the … Continue 

Meet the Sangha – Michael Lipscomb

Our Meet the Sangha column continues with Michael Lipscomb, who leads our Heart of Recovery (Sarpashana) group and is also the founder of Mindful Hike, an outdoor wellness adventure community which combines meditation, mindfulness, and communion with nature. Follow Mindful Hike on Facebook or send an email to join the mailing list. The seeds of … Continue 

Shambhala Guides and Shambhala Path Meditation Instructors – The who, what, why, and how, by Shastri Kim Kelso

Shambhala Meditation Centers welcome everyone to learn and practice meditation, regardless of background or previous experience. Free meditation instruction is available from Shambhala Guides and Shambhala Path Meditation Instructors – but who are they? Our local Shastri (senior teacher) Kim Kelso explains. Shambhala Guides (Guides for short) are Shambhala members who have traveled the Shambhala … Continue 

Sarpashana, by Anonymous

This post about Sarpashana, also known as The Heart of Recovery, was written by a member of our Tuesday evening group. As common practice in Sarpashana and other recovery groups, the privacy of attendees is protected and the writer has submitted this post as Anonymous. – Michelle Welch, blog editor I’m still surprised by how … Continue 

Meet the Sangha – Stuart Rice

The next entry in our Meet the Sangha column comes from Stuart Rice. I plan to collect several more of these introductions, but will probably alternate them with upcoming posts from our Council on various subjects. – Michelle Welch, blog editor Stuart Rice In 2013, I had a realization: I wanted to learn to meditate. … Continue 

Meet the Sangha – LaDawn Haglund

Welcome to our new Meet the Sangha column! Years ago, before the rollout of the redesigned website, we had a page where several sangha members introduced themselves. I hope to recreate this here on the blog, and I am in the process of collecting introductions from various people at the Phoenix Center. Watch for more … Continue 

Fall News at the Phoenix Shambhala Center

We have many things happening at the Center this fall, including a variety of upcoming programs to the filling of four Council positions. We’re delighted to announce the appointment of Amy Kemp as Center Director. Amy comes to us with a long history of service to the Phoenix Shambhala Center, having acted as Rusung, Meditation … Continue 

An Example of Buddha’s Words in Action, by Michelle Welch

Hatreds never cease through hatred (in this world); through love alone they cease. This is an eternal law. – Buddha I found a compelling example of this thinking in action in a recent book I read – not a dharma book but the memoir Shrill by feminist journalist and fat acceptance activist Lindy West. Among … Continue 

Labeling Thoughts, by Michelle Welch

I have some trouble labeling my thoughts during meditation. I’m the kind of person who often grits my teeth when I say “thinking” to myself, and when I try to soften my voice it can come with a condescending eyeroll, “There I go, thinking again, because I’m just too dumb do this right.” So I’ve … Continue 

Lincoln in the Bardo by George Saunders, a book review by Michelle Welch

I’m often on the lookout for Buddhist-themed novels, and Lincoln in the Bardo is a new novel that received numerous critical accolades. More recently, Lion’s Roar magazine featured an interview with the author, George Saunders. I was particularly drawn to the novel after I attended a sukhavati ceremony, which is intended to help a deceased … Continue