Book Review: A Tale for the Time Being

Review by Michelle Welch This is another Buddhist-related book that took me much too long to read. I remember seeing the professional reviews when it was published and being interested, but it wasn’t until Loretta at our sangha mentioned it to me again that I finally checked it out from my library. From that point … Continue 

Killing Ants – Exploring Compassion – by Michelle Welch

Killing Ants – Exploring Compassion – by Michelle Welch One morning last summer I went into my kitchen and found it was covered in ants. They were everywhere – all over the floor, on the walls, on the countertops, in my vegetable basket, in the cats’ food bowls. I immediately shut the cats up in … Continue 

“I Am Malala”, A Book Review by Michelle Welch

Review by Michelle WelchBefore I get to the book review, I want to mention a new app that has been released by Shambhala for iPad/iPhone users. A free meditation app is now available in the iTunes store. The Shambhala Meditation App is designed to provide a clear way for people to learn more about the … Continue 

Book review: Dharma Punx

Review by Michelle Welch When I began reading books about Buddhism, I looked for ebook offerings from my library. I saw Dharma Punx come up several times before I finally checked it out, and I’m actually glad for the delay. Having spent some time with my practice and experienced the two-steps-forward three-steps-back feeling that it … Continue 

Some thoughts on “Pema Chödrön’s 4 Keys to Waking Up”

by Michelle Welch This month’s Shambhala Sun features an article by Pema Chödrön about waking up. Ani Pema, of course, is one of our most beloved teachers, and I’m sure most people who’ve read this article have had responses to it. I’d like to talk about my response to her second key: “Make Friends with … Continue 

What’s Going On at the Center

By Michelle Welch Here’s an overview of our regular programs at the Phoenix Shambhala Meditation Center. Public Sitting: Every week on Wednesdays at 7:00 p.m. and Sundays at 9:30 a.m. Wednesday sitting is 30 minutes of sitting, followed by a tea break. Sunday sitting is 90 minutes of alternating sitting and walking meditation, followed by … Continue