Shambhala Day: Year of the Earth Dog

February 18th (2018)

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    Join us for a celebration of Shambhala and the power of enlightened society. This annual celebration coincides with the Tibetan Lunar New Year, and inaugurates the Year of the Earth Dog. The earth dog is known for her steadfastness, loyalty, generosity, and stability.

    Our Shambhala Day celebration will include a recorded video address from the Sakyong, practice of the Shambhala Sadhana, recognitions and retirements from service, and a celebratory feast. Everyone is welcome to attend any or all of the day's events; the Sadhana may not be appropriate for younger and more energetic children.

    Please RSVP for the event and sign up for the potluck lunch by using this online form.


    8:00 am - Shambhala Sadhana Feast

    9:45 am - Sakyong's Address

    10:45 am - Retirements, Oaths, Recognitions

    11:30 am - Potluck Lunch and Community Meeting

    12:30 am - Community Cleanup