What is Shambhala Art?

with Stuart Rice

September 14th (2018)

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    Shambhala Art, Shambhala Arts, Dharma Art, Dharma Arts, Contemplative Arts — what’s in a name, really? In this public talk, we’ll explore the history of art within Shambhala, from the early days of Chogyam Trungpa establishment of Tail of the Tiger (now Karme Choling) to the present day. We’ll also look at understanding the differences and nuances between Shambhala Art, Shambhala Arts, and the path of Shambhala Art training. We’ll also have a chance to work with some experiential exercises that are part of the Shambhala Art curriculum.

    The Friday night talk is free to all, whether or not you have registered for Shambhala Art Part 1 on Saturday and Sunday. Donations are gratefully accepted.