The Heart of the Buddha - an Open House for a new series in Mahayana study and practice

with Shastri Kim Kelso

March 24th

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    Room: Main Meditation Hall

    There is a vast pool of ancient teachings on the Buddhist path of lovingkindness/compassion and emptiness from the Mahayana tradition. This is the tender heart of the Buddhist path – where we work to exchange ourselves for others. This skillful practice makes the discipline of our meditation practice come to life, and makes the possibility of actually manifesting brilliance and enlightenment seem possible.

    It is the body of Buddhist teachings that:

    • helps us recognize our neurosis,
    • understand our connectedness with all beings,
    • see our inseparability from wisdom, and
    • bring into practical application the heart of compassion and lovingkindness that brings joy to self and other.


    We at the Phoenix Shambhala Center are offering a year-long, in-depth study of these teachings. There will be options to join small circles that meet regularly as well as activities and classes throughout the year. Please join us for an informative introduction and the formal initiation of this series on March 24 at 11:30 am.

    Note: This program was previously advertised as the Way of the Moon Open House. It will engage similar content under a new name.