Way of the Moon Open House

with Shastri Kim Kelso

January 13th -Date postponed or cancelled

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    Room: Main Meditation Hall

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    What is the Way of the Moon? Join us for an Open House that introduces this new year-long course of study and practice engaging the Mahayana teachings and the Sadhana of Kindness. This will be an informational session for anyone who might be interested in the Way of the Moon, and it will offer the first steps for those who decide to participate.

    How do we awaken our hearts in the midst of the chaos and challenging nature of our times? In what ways can we, in Shambhala, transform the cultural systems and structures we inhabit in our own lives and community? What everyday practices can we adopt to help with this transformation? The Way of the Moon explores the path of the warrior bodhisattva and offers a forum for us to collaborate on addressing these urgent questions.

    The Way of the Moon is a community-based path of study and practice exploring the Mahayana teachings on bodhicitta or "awakened heart."  Participants will receive the Sadhana of Kindness and join Kindness Circles, small groups of sangha to provide emotional safety and encouragement to communicate with mindfulness and heart about personal and societal transformation. Open-hearted conversation is essential to any community and especially to Shambhala during this time. Featuring practice, study, food, and conversation, this year-long path will provide the opportunity to bring the community together not only as practitioners but as companions on a spiritual journey.

    Read more about the Way of the Moon at the event listing for the pilot workshop held at the Albuquerque Shambhala Center in October.

    Shastri Kim Kelso will give a short talk as well as the lung for the Sadhana of Kindness. We will also practice together, and those who decide to participate in the Way of the Moon will form our small Kindness Circles. 

    All are welcome to attend the open house and to begin the Way of the Moon if interested. There are no prerequisites for the Way of the Moon but a commitment to participation in the year-long path is expected. There is no registration required for the open house and no fee. Donations are gratefully accepted.