Tuesday Kindness Circle (day change for July only)

July 15th

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    Room: Main Meditation Hall
    Our Tuesday Kindness Circle is part of the Heart of the Buddha program. The Tuesday circle will read books by Pema Chödrön and other readings related to the Heart of the Buddha curriculum and the Year of Deepening in Compassion series at Shambhala Online. (No registration for the online course is required.)
    The July meeting will be moved to the third Monday of the month instead of Tuesday due to a date conflict with the full moon Shambhala Sadhana. The August meeting will go back to the third Tuesday.
    Kindness Circles have a core group that are studying and practicing together, but people are welcome to join a group or visit other groups. No prerequisites, but experience in meditation is recommended.
    Read more about the Heart of the Buddha program at this blog post, and please contact us for further information about Kindness Circle activities.