An Introduction to Buddhist Teachings ONLINE (Prep class for Turning Our Minds to the Dharma)

with Muffie Noble-Power

January 7th

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    Room: ZOOM - This is an online event
    The Phoenix Shambhala Center is offering a one-time prep class for students interested in taking the online course on the Four Reminders, Turning our Minds to the Dharma, which begins on January 9. The prep class is intended for students who may have focused on Shambhala teachings but have not been introduced to basic Buddhist principles.
    We will present an introduction to the Buddhist teachings through an examination of the Four Noble Truths and the path of individual liberation.  The prep class is intended as a lead-in to the Four Reminders course, and will make it easier for students to make a deeper connection to the teachings on the Four Reminders. 
    You are also welcome to take this introductory class if you are not taking the Turning our Minds to the Dharma course. There are no prerequisites; all are welcome.

    Zoom Access: This class will be offered online via Zoom. After you register for the course, we will send you instructions for joining the course meetings.

    Pricing Information: This prep class is offered free of charge. Donations are cheerfully accepted. Please use the online form on our Donate page if you wish to make a donation.